About Dirty T Shirt Productions

Dirty T Shirt Productions uses video and the internet to tell stories on the web.

Find out what our talented team of professionals can do to help market your organization.

Since 2009 Dirty T Shirt Productions has been using video and the internet to tell stories on the internet.

We specialize in making videos that entertain and inspire from the first frame to the last second.

We win new clients because of our unique approach to corporate video and websites, strong client list, wide-ranging portfolio and the ability to deliver high value for dollars spent.

We have created strong relationships with organizations across Manitoba through an old-fashioned work ethic, putting the client’s needs first, being a partner (not just a supplier) and striving every day to be better than we were yesterday.


Here are some of the ways you can hire us…


Video Production

Here at Dirty T-Shirt Productions we make video that is elegant and entertaining, ensuring your viewers will enjoy every second and come back wanting more.

Our number one goal when creating a video is to create something so impressive that there is no way that someone viewing the video would turn it off.

The videos we create tell powerful stories and paint vivid pictures about the stories you want to be told.

We’ve created videos that have appeared across Canada on television and bring our skills and experience to any project that we work on.



Site Design

The internet is that competitive and marketing is based on trust. Your website will be the center of your internet marketing strategy. It is important that it is easy for you to create content and efficient for the fans of your brand to find it. All the sites that we create are made with a WordPress Content Management System. WordPress is a free, open-source software solution used by companies like The New York Times, CNN and Yahoo.

Your site will be optimized for mobile use, meaning people visiting your site on a Blackberry or iPhone will get a view suited to their small screen.

Also, you the site owner will be able to update your site from any computer including your smart phone, tablet or desktop.


Social Media Consulting

Steve Langston works with organizations across Manitoba by offering them one time consultations and training sessions about the internet, social media and entrepreneurship.

Project Examples

Sunrise Credit Union: During December of 2012 I spoke to the 13 branch managers at their general meeting. The goal of the session was to offer upper management a glimpse of how tech savvy demographics are communicating on the interent.

Canad Inns: In March of 2013 I spoke to the management group at Canad Inns Brandon about social media and how it affects their business and what opportunities are available to them.