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We are fortunate enough to have two of our documentaries, ‘Countryfest’ & ‘Tailwind: Prairie Harvest’ playing on CBC in the near future and I wanted to fill everybody in on it.

Both of these films are available 24/7 on MTS Stories From Home for MTS Cable subscribers.


Tailwind: Prairie Harvest plays on August 30th across Canada at 12 noon CDT ( Manitoba ) and the other times are listed here

We shot the video during the fall of 2012 and I was joined by Chris Mitchell, Ryan Mitchell and Gui Borgstrom who all played an integral part in making the movie look great and keeping the crew well fed.

The movie was originally financed by and broadcast on MTS Stories From Home as a 22 minute film and was expanded to 44 to fit the CBC’s time slot.

I want to thank Chris, Gui and Ryan for doing a great job on the movie and being great characters and friends.

Also thanks to everyone that has given encouragement, hired us and taken an interest in our growing company and also to Cam Bennett and Kim Bell for initially green-lighting the project through MTS Stories From Home and helping us grow as film makers and a company.

More information about the screening on CBC is available here.

If you want to purchase the movie for download it is available here:


Countryfest: The story of Canada’s Longest Running Country Music Festival plays on CBC in Manitoba September 6th at 6 PM CDT more info here




“Countryfest” the documentary tracks the growth of a country music festival from humble beginnings into the longest-running country music festival in Canada.

This was a great movie for us to make as we have had a chance to meet the people behind the festival over the last three years shooting commercials for them giving us great access to the characters and the festival is an incredible time with amazing people which made putting the movie together more fun.

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  1. I saw this on absolutely canadian yesterday, 4-12-14. It was the best production they have ever shown. Yay to steve and friends for such a wonderful introduction to manitoba and its food producers. It was so down to earth, too. None of the lycra dressed smooth talkers- just regular guys riding bicycles and telling us about it as they went. You sound and act like us yoopers here in the upper peninsula of michigan who think WE are up north.

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