Finished the bike trip

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I write this from Alices Palice, my crib in Riding Mountain National Park.

I have successfully completed my British Columbia bike tour. Some of the highlights were Shannon Falls in Squamish, climbing up the Duffy Lake Pass 1000 vertical M, hanging in the Okanagan and loving the peaches, plums grapes etc…..visiting Nelson was something that was long overdue….definitely a good trip.

I shot 300 GB of footage on the Canon 7D and the Go Pro Camera which was hooked up by the Mitchell Brothers

Filming by yourself was something that I had never done before. It was a ton of work to get the camera framed up and in focus, test the audio, ask yourself questions and try to appear personable and funny while you are sitting at a picnic table by yourself. Ha. It will be very cool to see how it all ends up.

Tailwind will be the name of the bike tour video series that I hope to bring to television by Christmas of 2011. I will be producing the 3 episodes for the internet and hope to have them finished by Christmas 2010.

The plan is to shoot 10 of Canada and the United States finest bike tours and create a season of Tailwind. I would be accompanied by a car to haul cameramen, gear, and to plug in computers, cameras etc. More details to be released as the videos progress.

The feature length film that we shot this June in Canada’s north will be called ”
Riding North.” We look forward to having a teaser out shortly and then the real thing will be dropping.

My next bike tour is going to be a winter bike tour up an ice road in northern Manitoba. Look for that in early 2011.

I’ve got a ton of different videos to be edited in the next few months so stay tuned.Whirlpool Lake

I am currently in RIding Mountain National Park shooting video for Elkhorn Resort about fall in the park. Such a good gig today I drove to Whirlpool, Clear Spring Bog, Lake Catherine and a few other stops catching footy. This shot is taken from Whirlpool Lake. Lots of good memories from that place including watching Kendal’s dog go shot for shot with Shayne Holden.

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