Tailwind: Prairie Harvest

Author Bio:


Steve Langston is passionate Manitoban that grew up in Brandon, Manitoba.

Educated with an Accounting Diploma from Assiniboine Community College and a Bachelor of Management from the University of Lethbridge, he currently runs his production company Dirty T-Shirt Productions out of Winnipeg and Onanole, Manitoba.




Bike touring, the act of cycling from destination to destination with all of your supplies carried on your bike plays an enormous role in Langston’s life.

Since 2006 he has bike toured over 25,000 kilometers throughout Canada, the USA and Europe.

He is the author of 2 books, his first Manitoba by Bicycle is a 1200 kilometre 18 day tour through the southern part of Manitoba.

Published in 2010, Canada by Bicycle is a guide for cycling across Canada from Vancouver to St. John’s.

The 72 day, 8,000 kilometre guide is the definitive source for biking across Canada.

Both books are available nationally at Mountain Equipment Co-op as well as on the internet.

Since 2009 he has been taking steps towards creating a multi-platform project that will educate, inspire and empower others to start to bike tour.

During the summer of 2010 he shot and produced a feature length film called Riding North which depicts him and his camera crew cycling 1800 km from Whitehorse to Yellowknife under 24 hours of sunlight.

By bringing people along on his tours and inspiring them through his books and his website he has inspired thousands to consider bike touring as a form of travel.






Tailwind: Prairie Harvest




Prepare for the ride of your life as you as you follow passionate Manitoban, filmmaker and Author of Canada by Bicycle Steve Langston as he pedals around his home province consuming only locally sourced food.



Tailwind: Prairie Harvest offers an up close and personal encounter with Steve Langston as he continues to pursue his dream of using bike touring to create awareness about low impact consumption and travel in a way that shows you can still have the time of your life and do it in a sustainable manner.


Departures meets Long Way Down spiced up with No Reservations.


Step into the often unseen life of bike tourists as they cycle over 1200 kilometres unsupported around Manitoba eating only food sourced from within Manitoba to showcase that a sustainable lifestyle can be rewarding, tasty and a lot of fun.

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Experience the heartbreak of a broken chain, the triumph of completing a 100 kilometre day and the joy that comes from arriving at your campsite and cooking an elaborate meal underneath the stars.



Their self imposed challenge of only eating food sourced from within Manitoba will take them to farm gates, markets and foraging in the wild.

The video will be shot without the aid of any support vehicles. The entire trip will be self-propelled.

This multi-platform project will allow the audience to interact with the content in 3 unique ways.


1. In real time.


Using mobile technology like the iPhone and the iPad the crew will tell their story as it happens by creating short videos, panoramas, photo albums and blog posts to share their trip as it unfolds.

This real time media will be posted to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube as well as a mobile optimized website www.tailwindtv.com.

90 second daily videos will compliment the pictures, blog and social interaction.

Potential subjects for the daily 90 second video include.

- An introduction to bike touring.
- The high points ( eating, bombing down hills, sleeping under the stars )
- The low points ( Rain, traffic, fatigue, blown tires, mechanical failure )
- Daily recap and summary including elevation changes, significant points, river crossings, agriculture.
- Meals ( Camping cooking show in 90 seconds )

By making themselves available to their fans and followers the show will create an emotional bond with people that will serve to promote the other 2 platforms.

2. Guidebook.


www.tailwindtv.com will be linked to www.manitobabybicycle.com.

This is where people will be able to find out more information about the tour, purchase a book or an e-book.

Promoting Manitoba by Bicycle will help to promote bike touring in the province.

3. Long format.


The long format travelogue will be 22 minutes long and introduce Langston as a bike tourist with global experience that is cycling around his home province.

The 22 minute video will showcase the day to day highs and lows of biking unsupported as well as the additional challenges required to power the crew on only Manitoba produce while filming a documentary.

Langston is a well-spoken, colourful global authority on bike touring and his passion for both Manitoba and self propelled travel offer a perspective so unique that it would be impossible to be cast.

Tailwind: Prairie Harvest will have segments devoted to different aspects of bike touring including:

- Day in the life: Sequence depicting the average day of a bike tourist.
- Exploring a park or town.
- Visiting a farmer or food source.

Episode Arc


The show begins with a 30 second montage featuring significant stops on the ride, Langston and his crew of bike tourists riding in and out of frame, cooking of local food and setting up of camp ending with a shot of the sun setting.

During the montage Langston is talking about why he likes to bike tour and how it changes the travel experience.


Preparation: Langston and his film crew are put the finishing touches on their bikes, loading their equipment and cycling out of Winnipeg and around the province. Each day on the road will be represented on the video but there will be a focus on five significant places.

Significant Place # 1


St. Norbert Farmers Market is located on the eastern edge of Winnipeg. It is home to over 100 vendors that gather weekends during the summer to sell their locally sourced goods. This will offer the opportunity to source things like flour, oil, honey and spices.

St. Norbert Farmers Market has shown interest but will not be able to confirm that we can shoot there until spring when their full time employees arrive.

Significant place # 2


Bothwell Cheese Factory

Located in Manitoba’s dairy belt, Bothwell Cheese has produced quality cheese since 1936. Started by a group of local dairy farmers they source only locally sourced milk and believe that their relationships with local farmers help them to produce their award winning products.

The Bothwell Cheese Marketing Department has given written agreement to participate in the project.

Significant Place # 3


Whiteshell Provincial Park is a stunning provincial park in Boreal Forest with over 200 lakes etched into granite cliffs.

Here we will attempt to harvest wild rice from within the park, an act of foraging that has been popular in the area for hundreds of years.

Significant Place # 4


Riding Mountain National Park

Manitoba’s most famous National Park is over 3 000 kilometres in area and is home to diverse animals like bear, moose, elk, lynx and cougars.

Here we will acquire food from local green house owner and chef Jason Kelly.

Many of the seeds have been passed through his family for generations and are uniquely native to the area.

Significant Place # 5


Spruce Woods Provincial Park

Spruce Woods is a provincial park on the Assiniboine River near Glenboro, Manitoba. It is famous for having Manitoba’s only semi-arid desert. The sand dunes and Devil’s Punchbowl offer one of the most unique spots in the province.

Carrying the story


The video will have interviews with Langston and the others on the trip.

This footage will help to carry the story and keep the audience engaged about where they are, what’s happening and what the crew is going through.



18 days after their departure the crew arrives in Winnipeg. Interview footage of the Langston and his crew will recap the highs, lows and lessons learned during their trip. The show will end with a stunning Manitoba sunset.