Video for the real estate industry: Response to question from @colinkehler

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This week’s blog comes in response to a Twitter question asked by Colin Kehler, a Calgary Real Estate Agent.

He wanted to know where I saw opportunities to use video in the real estate industry.

1. Video Bio. Having a 90 second video on your website profiling who you are, what your company does better than everyone else, why you are the real estate agent of choice and also allow people to get to know you.

This video can be leveraged over and over. It can be embedded into email, posted on the brokers site and linked to via QR code in the wild.

This type of video would usually take a full day of filming and cost around $1500 dollars for my company to make.

2. Commercial projects. If you’re developing a neighbourhood, block of condos or a large commercial space, it makes sense to me to shoot a video about the project. The video can be hosted on the website of the project and help to tell the story about what makes the building / opportunity unique. You could interview the general contractor, project manager, customer that has put a deposit down and even people that already live in the neighbourhood.

3. Personal listings. I’m not convinced that for the average residential house it makes sense for someone like myself to shoot a video about the project. That doesn’t mean that you can’t do it by yourself though. iPhone and iPad both offer good shooting ability with access to editing software directly on the device. I would recommend taking a variety of shots of the house, editing it with an app like iMovie and then doing a voice over when you are done. Don’t try to narrate the video while the camera is rolling.

Also, if you are going to shoot a video by yourself, make sure you use a tripod for the iPhone, make sure you are looking into the sun or light source and ensure that you are out of the wind so your audio is crisp.

4. Video blog. Video blogs are a great place for you to air your insight and expertise on particular segments of your real estate market. Agents like Dennis Plintz and Ryan Shields are effectively using self made video blogs to position themselves as experts in the market.

Remember, shorter is better. I would recommend not going over 90 seconds in length for each video.


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