Corporate videos get your message across, quickly and effectively through the emotional power of film.

No other medium gives you the same ROI, ease of use and value for money.

Video is the most emotional of all media. Images and sounds are incredibly persuasive and professional corporate videos give your company a powerful, sophisticated voice that instantly puts you ahead of your competition.

We can produce highly compelling, cost-effective corporate videos from simple product demos to full-scale productions on location or in the studio.



BEHLEN is Canada’s largest manufacturer of steel building solutions. We created this video to help them market on their website as well as in sales presentations and tradeshow environment.

We also made them versions of the video in Russian and French.


¬†Dauphin’s Countryfest


Cando Contracting


Cando is a Brandon, Manitoba company with operations across North America.

The first video summarizes what it’s like to work at Cando. The client wanted to focus on their employee ownership program and corporate culutre.


The second video quickly summarizes the company and helps in the sales process.


Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology International Video


This video will be used to help promote students from other countries to come to Winnipeg and continue their education.


Whiteboard Videos:


Whiteboard videos allow us to get your message across quickly and effectively by using animation.

They are fun, memorable and can be tailored to our client’s specific needs.


Catalyst Credit Union

We created this video for Catalyst Credit Union when they were undergoing a merger from 6 separate Credit Unions into one.

Catalyst Credit Union App Video


Ryan Shields Sizzle Video:


We created this video for Ryan Shields to be a prominent part of his web marketing efforts. He would follow up any lead with this video and show it to all prospective clients.


Curtis Demarce UFC Profile

This video was produced to play before UFC fighter Curtis Demarce would go into the ring and begin a fight.