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Video Production

Since Dirty T Shirt Productions was founded in 2010 we’ve had a chance to work with many of Canada and North America’s most visible brands.

Video continues to be one of the fastest growing marketing mediums for savvy marketers to tell their story.

Video has the ability to bring your brand to life and tell a story in the most impactful way possible.

Project: Arnold Innovations Combine Reverser

Filmed In: Rivers, MB

Details: This testimonial video was filmed during the fall of 2021 near Rivers, MB. We were hired by Thunderstruck Ag and Arnold Innovations to create this project.

Project: McPhail Brothers Workshop

Filmed In: Portage la Prairie, MB

Client: BellMTS

Details: McPhail Brothers Workshop is our most recent for broadcast project. During six episodes we followed the McPhail Brothers, Joel and Josh as they handcrafted one of a kind items that stand the test of time.

The series was filmed during the winter of 2018 and premiered at the Riding Mountain National Park Film Festival. McPhail Brothers Workshop can be viewed on demand by any BellMTS subscribers.

Project: Beavertails

Filmed In: Banff, AB

Details: Beavertailsยฎ is an iconic Canadian brand that B is truly one of a kind. Irresistibly delicious, artisanal Canadian pastry that always there to share special moments that make lifelong memories.

This video is used as part of a paid ad campaign to drive visitors to the area into Beavertails in Banff.

Project: Rogers Foods

Filmed In: Strathmore, AB

Details: Rogers Foods is an international grain processor located in British Columbia that sells it’s products across North America and Asia.

Rogers was looking to profile some of their key growers in the prairies and tell their story to customers with an appetite for knowing where their food comes from.

Project: Get In The Loop

Filmed In: Dauphin, Manitoba

Details: GetintheLoop for Business makes local marketing easier.

With GetintheLoop you can attract and retain more customers with mobile offers, delivered directly to their phones.

This video is used as a pre roll in local theatres as well as for digital marketing efforts.

Project: Nutrien – ESN

Filmed In: Tennessee

Details: During the spring of 2019 we visited growers in Tennessee to speak with them about why they use ESN on their crops.

These videos will be used at grower meetings throughout the year, in trade shows and for digital marketing efforts with a focus on Twitter.